Hello ,

I would like to  introduce myself.My name is Mrs.Jitka Jarešová and I live Southern Bohemia in a  beatiful and picturesque town called Písek.Pictures  you will look at I created for fun to be able to escape at least for a moment from the modern and hectic time ,which is all around us . 

I worked with ceramic material , oil paints and sometimes and I addedmetal element (such as hand rail or turret ).Pictures are markedly three-dimensional .


As a theme and inspiration I have used a beautiful landscape of southern Bohemia and the old monuments which abound in our country .But I must admit that I occasionally I use my own imagination.And so I want to ask you for a moment at least to put yourmobile away for a while and set out for a short journey into the world full of peace , nature , sun and old times.

                                                                                                                 Your author 


If you are interested you can contact me at the email address.


A little something about the author

You should know that each image was created under difficult working conditions, because the above-mentioned dog lady I work in trying their best to help! That means biting the ceramic material and distribute it over the carpet, climbing on my back at work, taste colors, and excellent thing, or can recommend are the brushes which can scratch both hair and then chew on the atoms. Every astonishes me what I am able to endure and even created a nice image to me and that even hope you enjoy .